I return from hiding.

I’ve been hiding from this site for a bit, I don’t really have much to talk about right now. Hopefully in the next few days I can start posting things again. Sorry about that!

I’ve been experimenting with Arduino and some components recently, so expect some electrical engineering posts in the future.

Top 10 Reactions to “I Develop Games”

We game developers get a variety of responses after we mention our profession, so I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of responses from a thread on Reddit and some of my own.

1. “I had a great idea for a game! Want to make it and split profits?”

This is one of the most dreadful things to hear as a game developer, game ideas are a dime a dozen and there is no shortage of them.

2. “Cool! I wish I could get paid to play games for a living!”

It’s a little bit more complicated than this. Think about writing a 5000+ line essay, and then it needs to mesh perfectly, every single word fitting together with another.

3. “Oh! What games have you made?”

If your answer isn’t a major retail game, like Call of Duty or Minecraft, you’re going to get a response like “Oh, so you’re not really a game developer?”

4. “How much money do you make?”

Not enough.

5. A look of disapproval from anyone 55 years or older.

6. Oh, when are you planning on getting a real job?

7. Can I try your current game?

If I express any disinterest, that means I’d really rather not right now. If I do let you, please understand that the game may not be finished and we’ve probably already got it planned.

8. “Don’t you need to college(university) to do that?”


9. Aren’t you a bit young? (or a look of ‘yeah, right.’)

There’s a social stigma surrounding any sort of technology-creativity that any <18 cannot do anything seriously, and this could not be any more wrong. Grab a book on it, learn to Google, and you’re on your way.

10. Have you made any iPhone apps, it’s a big market!

<sarcasm>No, thanks! I’ve never heard of it before you asked me!</sarcasm>



Dandy Devouring Dragon of Doom?!?

Things have been going pretty smoothly lately. Tio and I recently decided on the name for our next game: ‘Dandy Devouring Dragon of Doom!’ We realize this is pretty long for a web-game, but one of the big things you need to do as an indie dev is break and bend the rules once in a while.

DDDD will be running on HaXe (2.10 at the moment, 3.0 still has some problems) accompanied with the fabulous port of Flashpunk, HaXePunk by Matthew Tuttle. I primarily chose HaXe because of its outstanding performance and it’s ability to compile to almost all of the main platforms. This means if it does well, we can port it to iOS and Android with ease.

DDDD Gameplay - 2013-04-06

DDDD Gameplay – 2013-04-06

I’m using Tiled to create the levels and then exporting them through XML (although the tile data is compressed through Base64 and zlib, similar to how the post I made awhile back about it). FlashDevelop to compile and edit, still. I’m also using the beautiful TexturePacker to save bigger abstract elements, such as the UI. I then load the data XML with a class I made specifically for it.


I’m still itching to go to GDC. For some odd reason they don’t allow anyone under the age of 18 in there, so I’ve still got a few more years to go. Lots of new cool tools were apparently announced and the Concerned Joe team (which I desperately want to meet) were there. But I digress, I guess I should be productive instead. Perhaps FGS doesn’t have an age requirement?

Thanks for listening,


Moon Defender Up For Sponsorship!

Moon Defender has been approved for sponsorship! If you’re interested in previewing it on FGL you can contact me at rtlshadow (at) gmail (dot) com. I’m planning on posting a post-mortem in a few days when things slow down and we are done emailing sponsors, so stay tuned!